Must-Have Sections in Your Bucket List

Flikr Photo by  angelamaphone

The moment was tense, quiet, reverent. A man had died and I, among many, were there to mark his passing. They said he was a man of “lists” and that was a true statement.

Some folks I know say, “why do you have a bucket list?” And “Aren’t you still young for that?” I respond, “who says?” The guy in the casket wasn’t that much older than me.

I love to cross things off and have been keeping lists for years; it’s part of who I am. Right now, my bucket list has 3 sections. I may add more.

These are essential sections of any good bucket list.

Places to go
There are places, I just want to go and see.

1. The Eagle & Child, local pub of C.S. Lewis, and JRR Tolkien
2. The Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Adventures to Have
There are things I want to go do for the fun of doing them. The more of my friends and family that are with me on these the better.

1. Drive a Zamboni
2. Explore the Grand Canyon

A Legacy to leave
I will not be the one to check off some of the most meaningful things on my bucket list. They require someone else to check them off, probably after I have kicked the bucket.

1. Be active and present in all stages of my kids lives
2. Make a difference in the life of those around me

These are every bit as important as going somewhere or doing something.

What about you? Do you think these lists are useful? What would make it onto your bucket list?

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