The “Night Race” at Bristol

Photo courtesy of Jason Lamar

I keep a list of experiences to have before kicking the bucket. The “Night Race” at Bristol Motor Speedway was near the top. Whether you are a NASCAR enthusiast or not, it is something to behold. This place isn’t something to understand in the digital world. You have to be there!

It would not have been fun by myself

Bristol was special to me also because my wife and boys were there. I like to cross off bucket list items with those I love. We are the witnesses to each other’s life – the ups and the downs.

There was something for each of us

My two boys are Jeff Gordon fans. I am a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan. My wife is a Tony Stewart fan. This gives us a fun rivalry most of the time.

At the race, our seats happened to lign up directly across from both Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr’s pit stalls. We got to see their pit stops all night. And,  after wrecking, Tony Stewart threw his helmet at another driver’s car, adding to the sense of excitement and drama.

I would do it again!

The sound of the cars running and the feel of the speedway stands underneath your feet is a one of a kind experience. I hope to do it again sometime.

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