Your True Colors

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Your True Colors

If a life is like a crayon, each one a custom color,
And the life of everyone a canvas for the drawing.
God the kingly artist with linner guiding hand,
Gives each a drawing soul to draw and be drawn upon by man.
Dying a day each day, would you spend it all on drawing?

When that day you come upon; looking thence upon the world,
And gaze upon your color-canvased circles, spots, and swirls.
Would that picture live, and colored throngs keep moving?
Broadening, deepening, spreading, shining, ever more diffusing.
Or that orbit appear a finely focus point – still – unused?

Be the one who dares – to draw on life for life!
End it worn, pealed and pressed, an homage to the master.
Beautifully spent!

© Copyright Jason Lamar 2012

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