Finding the fresh pavement: changed anything lately?

Photo courtesy of Jason Lamar

Ever been going down a path and something changes on you?   Recently,  I found my favorite running path freshly paved. It was nice to run on the smooth surface without having to routinely avoid the same holes and cracks.

Life is a lot like this running trail. To grow, people need to encounter change to keep life fresh and fun.  Yet, pursuing refreshing change is even better than happening upon it! 

“Life is a lively process of becoming. If you haven’t added to your interests in the past year; if you are thinking the same thoughts, relating the same personal experiences, having the same predictable reactions — rigor mortis of the personality has set in. “   ~ Gen. Douglas Macarthur

Every now and then you’ve got to embrace something or someone new. 

A new way of doing something… a different way of  thinking about life… a new friend or two…

In the last year I’ve encountered some new people in both professional and personal circles.  That doesn’t mean all my friends aren’t important, but the mix has changed — I’m the better for it.

Isn’t this obvious?  … it is up to a point.

I’ve known people that stayed within the same small community all of their lives. They all think and act the same.  Their biases are the same. Nothing new makes it in.

There is a kind of thinking that having a new experience or adding new and different people to the circle is betraying some honored principle or loyalties.

I’ve seen organizations like that. Growing up, I experienced churches like that.  They would hold out different people and huddle around their same age, social or racial groups. I’ve also seen “this is how we’ve always done it” here syndrome.  Those people and organizations became more rigid and exclusive as they tried to prevent change.

Individuals and organizations reach a critical point where finding change is either part of who they are or they adopt the culture of sameness.

Refreshing change requires openness.  Learn how before it is too late. 

Who will you add to your circle?  How will they help you grow, challenge your thinking, partner with you in new experiences? 

2 thoughts on “Finding the fresh pavement: changed anything lately?

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  1. Embracing change is easy to say but it is not easy to do. The human animal is typically a creature of habit and tends to travel on the road of least resistance. Ironically, we are the only animal also programmed to grow, relying more on knowledge and less on instinct. Change is devised to help us grow and so despite how challenging it may be our goal should always be to embrace it.


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