Christmas Poem 2010

Christmas 2012

He ain’t a plastic baby, this child we celebrate
Nor cutie jingle favy or black and white remake
Nor dummies dodging trick for elite class reason
Or packed salesy picture for yearend season

We’re grown up now, magic is merely magic
Faith is hope; it rains light on tragic
Way more than the babe’s day – it is for me
Who that child is – you should really see

He is Jesus, Child of a carpenter’s shop
He is Jesus, Shepherd’s friend
He is Jesus, Source of dark defeating light
He is Jesus, Alive and kickin son of God
He is Jesus, Restorer of dead souls
He is Jesus, Healer of lonely hearts
He is Jesus, Mender of broken bodies
He is Jesus, Haven for outcasts
He is Jesus, Conqueror of death and evil
He is Jesus, Well of love and kindness
He is Jesus, He is Jesus, He is Jesus.

Yes, these verses flowing now like waves
That babe is the only God who saves.

(c) 2010 Jason Lamar

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