Vegas View

Vegas View

Lying down exhausted, so much light.
Grateful soul is singing, on this night.
Another year and progress, not my might.
Many friends and wins, so much fight.
Quiet moments coming, in not too long.
Shiny bird a’streaking, beautiful song.
Lady love is waiting, smiles at our door.
Two dog-piling kiddos, hugs galore!

© 2016 Jason Lamar
photo credit: Las Vegas Skyline via photopin (license)


Some talk in sounds and whispers.
Others still in beats and bangs.
But through it all in phases, shifting,
I love the way we play the game.
Life is not a moment, swollen. 
Stillness happening in fame or shame.
But in the moving, growing, loving.
We learn the life in truest frame.
My friends I know not in fleeting seconds.
But In a thousand knowing gazes.
To the one who hopes for friendship,
Finds them once, always craves.

 © 2016 Jason Lamar
2 March 2016


Last week I spent some time in South Carolina, the state where I grew up. If you live long enough, these visits “back home” will turn up unexpected objects from the past. I drew the  image featured on this post at least 20 years ago. Wonder what I was thinking in drawing this image?

What about you. Ever find anything special like this? 

Fairmont 4AM

Lots look for God in a room full of people.
The hands, fingers – you know – the steeple.
But me, I can feel Him close for sure,
All alone, by the bay, on an Eastern shore.
We make so much of our lights, sounds and acts.
Go see His world. Wow, just look at His tracks!

© Jason Lamar 2014

Life Road

There is a path, beaten ground.
A road that’s all our road.
With countless behind and ahead.
None knowing their exit day,
But sensing one coming.

Except the child like ones,
And not yet conquered faithful,
Riding, unaware of the motion,
Unafraid of the distance.
Too pleased with now to notice.

© Copyright Jason Lamar 2013
Photos courtesy of Jason Lamar

On Gratitude

“Let the peace that Christ gives control your thinking. It is for peace that you were chosen to be together in one body. And always be thankful.” Colossians 3:15

On Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude,
Confuse it not with happiness.
I have been ungrateful and happy.
I have been grateful and unhappy.
I have been ungrateful and unhappy.
Gratitude is an attitude,
Confuse it not with togetherness.
I have been ungrateful with everyone together.
I have been grateful and grieving alone.
I have been ungrateful and friendless.

Gratitude is an attitude,
Confuse it not with celebration.
I have been ungrateful in great wins.
I’ve been grateful on high occasions.
I’ve been grateful in small moments.
Gratitude is an attitude,
Confuse it not with comfort.
I have been ungrateful in contented times.
I’ve been grateful in painful woe.
I’ve been ungrateful in relative easy days.
Live in the spacious room of gratitude.
We alone decide. Moment by moment.

© Copyright Jason Lamar 2013
photo credit: Bunches and Bits {Karina} via photopin cc